At Evergreen, we transformed our 130-acre historic estate and farm in Mt. Savage, Maryland, into an outdoor classroom for experiential education (also known as "hands-on" learning). Our award-winning programs annually reach over 5,000 youth and adults in Western Maryland.

Our approach to education creates learning excitement, improves learning retention, promotes active science exploration, and encourages interest in STEM careers. In a region where many families struggle to get by, it’s the type of education that breaks the cycle of poverty. Learn more about our programs and results here

Fall Education Programs at Evergreen 

In September and October, our amazing instructors will bring STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education to life for over 1,050 Allegany County Public School students. If your child is coming to the Evergreen this fall, we encourage you check out our Tips for Field Trip Students

Through our Healthy Living program, pre-K Early Childhood Education children will explore where their food comes from and how it grows. We'll introduce new tastes to these notoriously picky eaters as a way to increase their long-term consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits.

As part of our Internship and Vocational Training program, we'll unlock potential by working one-on-one with secondary and post-secondary adults to gain marketable skills. Our Professional Development program will help teachers increase student learning and retention by integrating hands-on outdoor activities into their curriculum.